Monday, July 9, 2012



Joyce Joseph Mkatende, 30 years, single, working at Wonder Welders, physical disability

My name is Joyce Joseph Mkatende. I was born in Mtwara Masasi Makanyama and I am Mmakua by tribe. I have a disability of my right leg.
My relations to my family members are all normal and amicable to me. I don’t feel rejected as I was born disabled, therefore I don’t regret nor feel indifferent as it is no one’s fault. I happily accept what and how I am.
I would be happy to see the government  doing something for the disabled - getting them employment or setting up a system whereby the disabled can employ themselves according to their skills. Otherwise most organizations have the tendency not to employ the disabled people.
My dream was to get employment and I was able to get one on the condition that I should know how to use computer. I need somebody to support me on my daily transport expenses and house rent. I am advising all disabled not to be complacent with the situation they are in, rather they should struggle to the heights and to the ordinary people I advise them to see the disabled as ordinary people.
I am not familiar with any law relating to disabled people.
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