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My names are REUBEN WILLIAM MOLELI  I am from Iliboru, I was born in 1967 previous I was doing construction work but nowadays I am no longer working. 

It was in 2007 when I was organizing materials for bricks processing, I climbed the tree so as to get some firewood, in a bad lack the tree got twisted and made me fall down. From that day I couldn’t stand with my feet again. I was admitted at the hospital for some time and later brought back home, from that moment I started working using crutches. I got a spinal code injury which leads my body to paralyze, I couldn’t move my legs or feel any pain at that moment. Doctors told me that this situation might take time for me to back in normal situation. I thank God at this moment I can move with crutches though I still feel pain.
Being in this situation I am experiencing lot of challenges, I can’t afford to support my children in their educations and other needs. I have five children both studying in different levels this makes them to depend only on their mother who have to provide everything; this is very difficult as you know education is very expensive. I feel pain to see my wife is the only one who is providing while I used to work with my strength before facing this situation.
I real thank my wife because she does not discriminate me in any ways and she keeps doing everything as normal.
Up to this time I have not reached my dreams. It was my wishes to see my children are studying to higher level of education. I wanted to see my children becoming leaders and managing their lives. I haven’t gave up my dreams because I believe if God will help my wife to get some money, still my children will get education as I wanted. The problem is that it is very difficult for one person to fulfill all family needs. If I could have managed to construct two house of my own for renting business it could help us better. The only house I have is this one, and life is very taught.
I have no any plans for reaching my dreams because I can’t work. The only thing I can do is to watch and guide my children when doing domestic activities and farming.
I am facing few family challenges because when you wake up you have to know that children wants to go to school as well as getting something to eat. They are all depending on one person! It is very difficult but I am thankful to God because he is always on my side.
My advice to the government and the community in general is that they have to provide education to PWD’s and create an environment that will enable them to be product in the society.
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