The ministry of health and social welfare, Social welfare department

The objective of the social welfare department is to provide expertise and services to people with disabilities, families in difficult circumstances and vulnerable children.
The department formulates and reviews policies, laws, regulations and guidelines on management of disabled, disadvantaged children and seeking families; it manages or oversees rehabilitation services and it counsels marriages.
The department is led by a Commissioner and has 3 Sections, the first one of which is the People with Disabilities and Elderly Persons Section. This section prepares and reviews policies, acts, regulations and guidelines for disabled and elderly person; initiates community based rehabilitation programmes for people with disabilities; develops and coordinates sustainable empowerment programs for people with disabilities and the elderly; designs training programmes for  disabled persons and monitor their implementation;  provides resettlement, care and maintenance for disabled persons and elderly persons; co-ordinates and provides advisory services to associations of disabled persons; and carries out impact study and research on various interventions to People with Disabilities and Elderly Section.
This Section is led by an Assistant Commissioner.

Contact information:

Permanent Secretary
PO Box 9083, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel.: +255 22 2120261/7

The ministry of labour, youth development and sports
The Vision of the Ministry is to have industrial harmony, health and safe working environment; effective social welfare conditions for the people; enabling environment for human labour deployment and; to have well brought up and responsible youth in society.
The mission of the Ministry is to promote labour standards, employment, social welfare and youth development as well as sports development. 

Contact information:

Ministry of finances and economic affairs

The Ministry of Finance aspires to achieve high and sustainable economic growth and macro-economic stability, sound financial management and financial accountability.
The mission of the Ministry is to support and promote excellence in public financial management, budgeting, and value for money; centre of excellence in the development of fiscal policies and strategies; promotion of professionalism and customer focused staff; and support and promotion of  IT in the public service.

Contact information:

Ministry of education and vocational training, Special needs education unit

Contact information:

Permanent Secretary
Ministy of Education and Vocational Training
P. O. Box 9121, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Telephone : +255 22 21 20403, +255 22 21 20412

Tanzania Federation of Disabled People’s Organisations (SHIVYAWATA)

SHIVYAWATA is a non-governmental federation which was established in 1992 and brings together nine national Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs). Namely:
1. Tanzania Albino Society (TAS),
2. Tanzania League of the Blind (TLB),
3. Tanzania Association of the Physically Handicap (CHAWATA)
4. Tanzania society of the Deaf (CHAVITA)
5. Tanzania Association of the Deaf – Blind (TASODEB)
6. Tanzania Association for the Mentally Handicap (TAMH)
7. Kilimanjaro Association of Spinal cord Injuries (KASI)
8. Psoriasis Association of Tanzania (PSORATA) and
9. Tanzania Users and Survivors of Psychiatric Organization(TUSPO)

The Federation is a mouthpiece for matters pertaining to PWDs. The essence was to afford a larger, lauder and common voice on issues of lobbying and advocacy.
SHIVYAWATA wishes to launch a prolonged campaign geared toward repudiating social injustices facing disabled people through social, economic, and political systems.

Contact information:

Mwnanyamala Vijana, Plot No. 367
P.O Box 42984, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 2762233, Mob. +255 754698820

Information Centre on Disability (ICD)

ICD is a non-profit making civil society organisation established by professionals with disabilities whose ultimate objective has been researching, documenting, publishing and broadly disseminating information pertaining to disability. It also addressed itself to be at the forefront in advocating for rights of people with disabilities.

Contact information:

PO Box 75576, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 22 2400227

Disabled Organisation for Legal Aid and Social Economic Development (DOLASED)

Contact information:

Kinondoni Road, Opposite TX Market, Barclays Bank Kinondoni Branch, Block 570
P. O. Box 62963, Dar es Salaam , TANZANIA
+255 22 2667977/2667842                                                    
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT)

CCBRT, a Tanzanian non-governmental organisation, was established in 1994 in response to the needs of people with disabilities in and around Dar es Salaam and the lack of accessible services to them. It comprises two community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programmes in Dar es Salaam and Moshi, a disability hospital, and an active international training programme. CCBRT is the largest indigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country, providing quality rehabilitative services to 120,000 people with disabilities and their caregivers each year. This includes people with: physical impairments (cerebral palsy, congenital deformities such as clubfoot, cleft lip/palate), visual impairments, hearing impairments, epilepsy, obstetric fistula.

Contact information:

P O Box 23310, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: + 255 (0) 22 260 2192
Fax: + 255 (0) 22 260 1544

Tanzania Society for the Deaf (TSD)

TSD owns and operates the Deaf Buguruni Primary School since February 1974. This is a boarding and day school and currently has 260 students in kindergarten up to vocational school. The school has a kindergarten, primary school grades 1-7 and also a vocational college that is registered by (VETA). TSD owns 53 acres of land at Mkuranga District, Coast Region The farm is used as part of the practice of agriculture and livestock for deaf students to have life skills and knowledge about agriculture.

Contact information:

Tanzania Society for the Deaf
Makao Makuu, Buguruni Malapa, behind Lake Oil Petrol station
PO Box 4806, Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Tel: +255 719 265 651, Director Matilda Ngonyani: +255 755 885 117

Tanzania Cheshire Foundation (TCF)

The Miyuji Cheshire Home provides a range of services to 40 children with intellectual disabilities, including educational and physical development. It also incorporates a resource and information dissemination centre on early childhood development and disability issues for parents, care givers and other community members.
The livelihood programme aims to lift persons with disabilities in Dodoma and its environs out of poverty through support to sustainable livelihoods. They receive relevant skills and business training or support for self employment via micro-credit schemes. This is accompanied by sensitization of potential employers in the informal and formal sectors, training institutes, local communities and government.
Mlali Cheshire Home, or the Kituo Cha Watoto Walemavu as it is better known in Tanzania, provides rehabilitative services for about 100 children per year, accommodating 40 at a time as they go through a comprehensive rehabilitation process. The home includes a clinic, a state-of-the-art surgery, physiotherapy rooms, a hydrotherapy pool, a school, a workshop producing mobility aids, and boarding facilities for both residents and visitors.
Miyuji Cheshire Home runs a community based rehabilitation project focused on early childhood development. This includes the early identification of disabilities and intervention and training and linking opportunities for parents of children with disabilities. The Mlali Cheshire Home also offers many subsidised services to local communities, from HIV/AIDS tests to dentistry work and a dispensary service.

Contact information:

Ms Esther Kiondo, National Coordinator, The Tanzania Cheshire Foundation
P.O. Box 10269, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel/Fax: +255 22 21 24273
Email: or

Tanzania National Institute for the Blind (TNIB)

Contact information:

Phone: +255 22 27 61605
P.O.Box 16454, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania Resource and Assessment Centre for Disabled Children (TRACED)

Tanzania Resource and Assessment Centre for Children with disabilities (TRACED) is a non – governmental organization established by the parents of children with disabilities and professionals in the field of education, health and community development.
Its target groups are cross disability children.
It was registered under the societies Ordinance (Cap.337) in November 1996
The goal of TRACED is to have children with disabilities who have opportunities in the provision of early detection and intervention (EDI) programme in the mainstream services.
Objectives of TRACED
In pursuing the above stated goal, the organization has set the following objectives
·         To provide proper screening and access to screening for disabilities to parents of disabled children, especially in rural areas where access may be difficult

·         To conduct educational assessment to children with disabilities for proper rehabilitation and placement.
·         To provide parental education, guidance and counseling and increase awareness on prevention, early detection and intervention programmers to the children with disabilities.
·         To coordinate, cooperate and collaborate with the parent groups, government, relevant local and international non-governmental organizations in promoting community based rehabilitation (CBR) programmes for children with disabilities.
·         To help parents to have easier access to assistive devices, playing, teaching and learning material for the children with disabilities
Main activities of TRACED
TRACED in partnership with Erikshjalpen, Sweden is currently running the following activities:-
·         Conducting research/ surveys on the assessment needs of parents and their children with disabilities.
·         Conducting parental education, guidance and counseling training on disability aspects such as physiotherapy
·         Training of parent resource groups, and community development, education and health workers (interdisciplinary team) in disabilities issues and their involvement and role in TRACED  programme.
·         Promotion of the use of local goods and materials to be used as toys, play, teaching and learning items for the benefit of children with disabilities.
·         Support for medication rehabilitation for children with disabilities that can be corrected by physiotherapy, surgery such as club feet, contractures, congenital malformations, cataract etc.
·          Supplying assistive devices such as wheelchairs and crutches, as well as clothes to disabled children and youth, under outreach programmes.
·         “Economic” empowerment to parents of disabled children through revolving loan schemes so as to enable them run small scale income generating projects to enhance their capacity to meet the practical and strategic needs of their disabled children.

·         Networking with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) , Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith Based Organizations undertaking HIV/AIDS education projects in Dar es Salaam , Iringa and Coast regions.

Contact information:
Headquarters in Dar es Salaam
Executive Secretary,
Tanzania Resource and Assessment Centre for Children with Disabilities (TRACED),
P.O. BOX 60021, Dar es Salaam,
Cell: +255 713 670 94

Tanzania Society for the Blind (TSB)
Contact information:

Phone: +255 (0)22 246 0856/8
Fax: +255 (0)22 246 0857
P.O.Box: P.O. Box 2254 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


ZACDID ni shirika lisilo la kiserikali linalojishughulisha na mchakato maalum wenye lengo la kuhakikisha kwamba watu wenye ulemavu wanashiriki kikamilifu kwenye shughuli za maendeleo na wafaidike nazo.
ZACDID inafanya shughuli zake katika visiwa vya Zanzibar.
Malengo makuu

·         Kujenga uwezo watu wenye ulemavu katika nyanja tofauti.
·         Kujumuisha na kushirikisha watu wenye ulemavu.


Mkurugenzi Mtendaji,
Kituo cha Masuala ya Ulemavu na Maendeleo Jumuishi
S. L. P 1731
Simu: +255 245500847  au 07732224466
Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Hon. Magret Nkanga (MP)
Contact information:

Tel: 0787 306469

Hon. Salum Baruani (MP)
Contact information:

Tel: 0719 662132

Hon. El Sharma Kwegir (MP)
Contact information:

Tel: 0713 238804

Hon. Zuleha Khamis (MP)
Contact information:

Tel: 0754/0773 929188

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