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My names are Omary Ramadhani Msumi, I am 43 years old living in Dundani village Mkuranga district Coastal region.

I got impairment in 1991 when I was attacked by disease in God graces I lost my eyes. To be honest my life is not good together with my family we depend on agriculture for our daily bread.
I have been facing several life challenges including; transportation from one point to another, economic hardship is the barrier towards addressing some problems facing my family. Most of the time when I face challenges the only thing I do is to use my energy depending on the situation to deal with them. Due to our life situation we are working tirelessly to make sure we address challenges.
I have tried to pass in different administrative office from local to central government so as to get support, but I got nothing than disappointments.
I had several dreams in my life:  First was to build the mosque for community worship so as to get God graces in this life and the life after. Secondly, I wished to have a sustainable income to support my family by making them have a standard life. Those are my dreams and God knows what comes next if I will reach them or not.
I have not given up my dreams since I know God is there and will remain there, though I am in this condition but I still believe I can make it with God graces.
There are some challenges which are direct connected to domestic needs such as supporting my children education needs, also maintaining good health of my family by making sure they access health care and so forth. I am proud of my family because they love and care for me.
My suggestion to the government and the community at large is that, they have to find and expose us wherever we are. We have a lot to tell, we are talented, we can produce and be useful to our society only we need is support. We can be good animal keepers as well as business person.
This will make many PWDs not to give up their lives because most of them do give up because they don’t know where they are going. So I call for all stakeholders to search for PWDs and get their views and I appreciate your coming.
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