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Shukuru Kassim Lindunga, 38 years, works at Wonder Welders, physical disability

My name is Shukuru Kassim  Lindunga. I was born 38 years ago and I am disabled (legs). My parents love me and have all along demonstrated an extra care in my upbringing as I am the only male child in the family. They enrolled me in Primary School where I performed very well by holding the top positions in the first three classes. This in essence made me not to be discriminated by my class mates and school colleagues. In 1993 I joined Yombo Rehabilitation centre in Dar es Salaam where I specialized in welding.
Looking for an employment is something which is so difficult for disabled people, they are very rarerly given an equal opportunity with other people. However, I got employed - but my income was too low for me to survive. I started working for Wonder Welders in 2006.
I am married with two children,  I enjoy my life and I do not feel discriminated. This is because I was born disabled and I live with my disability, therefore I do not feel the difference. My dream is to enhance my education as this is the only key to success.

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